The story so far…

Hall & Hearty village hall ethical supper clubs are an exciting venture created by ex- River Cottage chef Tim Maddams. They bring the best of local, seasonal produce to villages across the UK.

Hall & Hearty events are organised in partnership with local halls and community centres. They offer people the chance to enjoy a delicious, seasonal, three-course meal from as little as £25 a head.

In Tim’s own words:  “I wanted a way to bring locally-sourced, seasonal, and above all, tasty, food to people across the South West that would be truly ethically sound. I don’t just mean the produce, but the business concept and practices as well. So, I had to look at smart ways of doing things; a different approach. I teamed up with Robin Rea, a local artisan charcutier (, to launch Hall & Hearty, the idea being that there are all these rural areas around the region that, because they’ve lost their pub and shops, have no community centre; no focal point in which to gather and share food.

“Of course, most villages have a hall of some sort, so this is where we set our sights. We serve locally-sourced, ethically-produced food on a supper party basis, with everyone dining together at long tables to enjoy each other’s company; while at the same time enjoying a top-notch three-course meal on their doorstep.

“It works well on so many levels. Nothing travels too far, least of all the customers. Local producers benefit, as we not only use their produce, but show it off in all its glory to their target audience. The hall itself benefits, not only from the hire income for the evening, but also from the bar sales on the night.

“And, of course, we make some money too, which in turn we use to expand the project and get more halls on side.

“All these benefits are obvious, but what was unexpected from our point of view was the community aspect. Bringing together old folk and young, from all walks of life, under one roof, often meeting for the first time, has worked wonders for connections within those communities. That, in itself, makes it worth it.”

The support for the events regionally and further afield has been immense and we are now on a mission to expand the idea to other community centres and village halls across the UK. If you’d like to get involved then we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us here.